KIFFIK Biomedical

Interstitial fluid (ISF) plays a major role in the way the body works, but gaining access to this diagnostic supersource has been incredibly complex.

Visionary science

KIFFIK’s breakthrough, first-of-its-kind technology overcomes the limitations of plasma and serum monitoring by enabling completely non-invasive access to biomarker-rich ISF through a wearable, connected device.

Game-changing potential

For the first time, KIFFIK will make extraction of ISF with all
its components available for multiple scenarios:
  • For scientists, physicians, veterinarians, and hospital professionals to perform continuozus or periodic monitoring of biomarkers
  • For biotechnologists to produce antibodies, other therapeutic molecules, and therapeutic cells such as lymphocytes
  • For pharmaceutical drug development in preclinical through phase 3 studies

The team at Kiffik needed branding
that reflected their groundbreaking innovation.

A brand new look

We evolved the KIFFIK brand to highlight their position as a technology-forward, patient-centric company focused on moving healthcare forward. Bold colors, dynamic gradients, and unexpected elements became the core of the brand DNA.

Engaging photography stands out from deeply hued backgrounds that highlight the spectrum of potential users, patients, and configurations.

“You guys are like an extension of our organization. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of the HighPoint team.”

Hap Petersen, Chief Commercial Officer

A standout story

We crafted a compelling new narrative that has been married to our visual palette across the spectrum of brand touchpoints. Through congress presence, targeted outreach initiatives, and PR success, KIFFIK has attracted a flood of interest from giants in health tech, biopharma, animal health, and medical research.

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