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Bowel preparation is a big problem

To get ready for a colonoscopy, patients need to complete bowel preparation—essentially cleaning their insides so the gastroenterologist has visibility of the colon walls.
Many patients, including high acuity and frail inpatients with multiple comorbidities, have a difficult time completing their colonoscopy prep.
Inadequate bowel preparation (IBP) can have a devastating impact on the effectiveness of colonoscopies, resulting in increased adenoma miss rates, delayed diagnosis, and extended hospital stays that drive up hospital costs and interfere with the quality of care.


A recent study found that 51% of inpatients were inadequately prepped1


Inadequate prep leads to a 29% reduction in identification rate of adenomas greater than 5 mm2


Determination of inadequate prep results in an average of 2 extra nights spent in the hospital3

An on-demand solution to IBP

The world’s only Intracolonoscopy Cleansing System, the Motus GI Pure-Vu® EVS System lets you clean as you go—achieving clear visualization of the colon wall regardless of bowel preparation.

Creative that adds clarity

To generate demand for the system, we developed an arresting creative campaign to demonstrate how the system empowers clinicians to overcome pain points and achieve better outcomes.

Supporting a dynamic sales cycle

To gain placement in hospitals, the team at Motus GI needed to equip reps with a sales tool that could support conversations with both department directors and individual clinicians.
We created an interactive sales tool on the Ceros platform that allows the sales team to tailor their conversations to the specific needs of the target customer and their stage in the buying journey.
The content covers the challenges with the status quo, the potential of the system to improve outcomes, enhance efficiency, and lower costs, and the mechanisms of action that make those improvements possible.

By building the content within an interactive platform, we were able to incorporate content builds, 3D animations, clinical imagery, and KOL voices.


After purchasing the Motus GI Pure-Vu® EVS System, facilities needed to ensure that staff and clinicians could be consistently trained on system setup and operation.
We developed an interactive user guide that highlights key product features, system setup, and clinical pearls.

A clear path to success

As facilities integrate the Motus GI Pure-Vu® EVS System, clinicians are seeing
more and more evidence that the system is a must-have element of any top-tier colonoscopy suite. MOTUS GI is continuing to expand their footprint and are also seeking new approvals for additional indications.

“HighPoint has been an engaged, strategic partner at every step. I rely on their expertise, their understanding of our brand, and their creative approaches to help us build marketing tools that really help our teams move the needle.”

Scott Aldrich, Vice President, Commercial and Strategy

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