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Lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) is a condition in which the lower spinal canal narrows and compresses the nerves in the lower back. People with LSS typically experience a variety of symptoms that affect daily life, including pain and limited mobility.

Remove the problem
& leave nothing behind

Up to 85% of spinal canal narrowing is caused by thickened ligament. mild® addresses this major root cause of LSS by removing excess ligament tissue using specialized tools and imaging. mild® has helped 88% of patients avoid back surgery for at least 5 years, while continuing to improve patient functionality over time.


mild® on the move

We worked with the incredible team at Vertos to update the brand look and feel, to coalesce their data into a crisp, clear messaging strategy, and to develop a cadence of brand touchpoints that built interest and advocacy across physicians, advanced practice providers (APPs), and patients.

Stepping up success

To drive more impact from mild® within practices, we built resources and educational tools to help physicians, APPs, and office staff more effectively attract, educate, and convert patients.

Activating peer influencers

Through a steady stream of digital touchpoints, we’ve consistently grown followership and even motivated customers to contribute content and utilize our messaging in their own posts.

“What we’ve achieved—our campaign metrics and sales growth—has been pretty damn impressive”

 Director of Marketing & Practice Integration

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