Traditional hemostatic gauzes leave patients vulnerable to rebleeds that can occur during gauze removal.

Advanced bleeding control

WoundClot® is a ready-to-use advanced hemostatic gauze made from cellulose, a natural fiber product. WoundClot is the only non-oxidized, non-regenerated cellulose structure (NONRCS) product in the world. When WoundClot contacts blood, it converts into a thick, tenacious, expanding gel, adhering to wound surfaces to stop bleeding fast.1,2

Communicating a complete MOA

The advanced science behind WoundClot could easily becoming overwhelming. To simplify the science, we created a clear, concise graphic that was integrated across materials.

Demonstrating value

To accelerate adoption within hospitals, we developed a comprehensive kit for the Value Analysis Committee, a “VAC Kit” or “VAC Pack”. This was provided as an easily navigable PDF that included required documentation, clinical data, ordering information, and summary of benefits. VAC Kits are instrumental tools to eliminate obstacles in the evaluation process and equip clinical champions to advocate to make the product available within the hospital.

Launching success

When the US sales force hit the streets, they were completely equipped to capture and convert interest from a diverse spectrum of clinical specialists.

1. WoundClot Package Insert.
2. On file with WoundClot.

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